Let's take time - AKMU

Lời bài hát Let’s take time – AKMU

Bài hát: Let’s Take Time Ca sĩ: Akdong Musician Siganeul gatja uri Idaero gadagan deo meolli Tteoreojil baen Uri yeogiseo jamsi meomchwo Itji aneullae Siganeul gatja uri Idaero jayeonseureopge mareopsi…

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Whale - AKMU

Lời bài hát Whale – AKMU

Bài hát: Whale Ca sĩ: Akdong Musician Goraeya jeogeodo badaneun Nega gajyeosseumyeon johgesseo Goraeya heeomhadeon daero Gyesok heeomhaesseumyeon johgesseo Bureowo nan goraeya nega Amado dadeul geureol geoya Amado dadeul geuraeseo…

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Should've loved you more - AKMU

Lời bài hát Should’ve loved you more – AKMU

Bài hát: Should’ve Loved You More Ca sĩ: Akdong Musician Naega neol saranghaneun geosboda Nega nal saranghaneun ge Deo keudago malhal ttae Anira haji malgo Deo saranghaejulgeol Deo saranghaejulgeol Deo…

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Youth (Rock Ver.) - Kim Feel

Lời bài hát Youth (Rock Ver.) – Kim Feel

Bài hát: Youth (Rock Ver) Ca sĩ: Kim Feel Eonjengan gagetji Pureureun i cheongchun Jigo tto pineun kkotip cheoreom Dalbalgeun bamimyeon Changgae heureuneun Nae jeolmeun yeongaga guseulpeo Gago eopneun naldeureul…

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Breathless - Shayne Ward

Lời bài hát Breathless – Shayne Ward

 Bài hát: Breathless Ca sĩ: Shayne Ward If our love was a fairy tale I would charge in and rescue you On a yacht baby we would sail To…

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Step Up (1999 Demo) - Linkin Park

Lời bài hát Step Up (1999 Demo) – Linkin Park

Bài hát: Step Up (1999 Demo) Ca sĩ: Linkin Park Yo Watch as the room rocks Mentally moonwalk Mixed media slang banging In your boombox Verbal violence Lyrical stylist In…

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Points Of Authority (Live At Docklands Arena, London - Linkin Park

Lời bài hát Points Of Authority (Live At Docklands Arena, London – Linkin Park

Bài hát: Points Of Authority Ca sĩ: Linkin Park Forfeit the game Before somebody else Takes you out of the frame Puts your name to shame Cover up your face…

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In The End (Album Version) - Linkin Park

Lời bài hát In The End (Album Version) – Linkin Park

Bài hát: In The End Ca sĩ: Linkin Park It starts with One thing I don’t know why It doesn’t even matter How hard you try Keep that in mind…

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Beat It - Michael Jackson

Lời bài hát Beat It – Michael Jackson

They told him “don’t you ever come around here” “don’t wanna see your face You better disappear” The fire’s in their eyes And their words are really clear So beat…

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Sweet Love Child (Previously Unreleased) - Europe

Lời bài hát Sweet Love Child (Previously Unreleased) – Europe

She stands in the doorway In the pale moon shine When she looks at me, every part of me, Brings my soul back to life Eyes like a rainbow They…

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